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Outplacement & change management

Outplacement & Change management

Managing change effectively is a core competency all businesses must master. Those that have, understand the importance of creating the right environment for change to occur. They focus on the human element. They invest time engaging their talent, building resilience. Importantly, they look to limit the personal impact on those affected by supporting them to successfully transition their careers.

We’re experienced at managing all aspects of change. From co-designing healthy change programmes to providing meaningful and tailored outplacement support to departing employees, we use our expertise to help you achieve your objectives whilst minimizing the short and long-term impact on your business and your employees.


Whether a graduate or seasoned business leader, being made redundant is stressful. We understand this. We also know that helping individuals to successfully transition is never solely about providing processes or technology. It’s about people. It’s about developing a positive mindset, building confidence and giving people back control over their own choices. It’s taking the time to understand individual career aspirations and providing bespoke outplacement support, expert guidance, relevant tools and pragmatic advice that helps individuals quickly reconnect with their chosen career.
Individual Outplacement
People react to redundancy in very different ways. Some may be clear on what they want to do next, others may be struggling to come to terms with job loss. We understand this and build our outplacement programmes around the unique needs and challenges of every individual we support. Working with a carefully matched personal career coach, our hi-touch outplacement programmes help establish a positive mindset, identify future career objectives, contextualise information and provide expert but practical advice and guidance that helps individuals skillfully navigate today’s changing job market, and, quickly achieve their career goals.
Business Leaders
Providing multifaceted support, our senior leader outplacement programmes help you lessen the business impact of senior level exits whilst addressing the very specific transition needs of business leaders. Whether considering another corporate role, international exposure, non-executive directorships, consultancy or even a complete career change, our carefully selected team of executive coaches and advisors provide confidential advice, guidance and challenge to help business leaders decide the right next career move for them. Once future direction has been decided, our experts work to develop and implement an impactful, comprehensive  personal marketing strategy, introducing them to influential networks and individuals to help effectively position them in their chosen marketplace.

Change management

Organisational change may be inevitable, but it’s not impossible. Focusing on the people element of change we work in partnership to design and implement successful change programmes that limit the impact on your people, accelerate results and build stronger, more agile businesses. We prepare leaders to confidently lead through change, upskill managers to support and engage their teams and build the resilience of your employees, equipping them with the skills to effectively manage change.

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